Thursday, May 21, 2015

Taking a break

Psss... do not scream. I am sneaking out from my busy day.

Hello lovelies,
Finally it is May and almost entering the middle of 2015.
Time flies and people change and go.
Memories are still remaining in mind and soul.
Experiences are still gained.

Well, I just want to share what was happened to me in this. As usual, a lot things can happen in a month and day. I am continuing my study, still running my routines, doing my duties of my work, and next month, I will have my internship. They all happen because I am going through my future.

Life is rough. Yes.
Life is challenging. Yes.
Life is wild. Yes.
Life is beautiful. Yes.
Life is wonderful. Yes.
Life is encouraging. Yes

But, now I really want to take a break.
I need a beach.
I mean, seeing blue sky, high up there unreachable.
I mean, seeing the sea that widely.

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Thanks for reading. 
Have a nice day.
Najma MY, xoxo

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