Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Etude House: I Need You Mask Sheet

Hello lovelies, 
Today, I want to review about these mask sheets from Etude House. As I have a routine every weekend for having face care by my own, I'll also talk about it in another post.
I bought these masks at Etude House' store in one of mall in my city. I actually bought 8 masks with 2 eye mask sheets but I already used them several weeks ago. So I can't review my etude haul all of them.
These A-Z have all alphabets mask sheets and contain all vitamins and what the face skin needs. Here some posts of the mask sheets.
Etude Mask Sheets, A-N-P-Y-Z 
Aloe (Soothing Relief)
Noni (Revitalizing)
Pomegranate (Smooth Elasticity)
Yoghurt Strawberry (Soft and Moist)
Zucchini (Nourishing and Mosturizing)
Go and find out which alphabets you like. 
Have a good day, 
xoxo, MY Najma

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