Monday, February 09, 2015

Invitation: A National Day of Pakistan

Hi lovelies, 
I want to share a late post, I know it's late but it's still nice to share it. Several months ago, I got an invitation from Pakistan Embassy for Indonesia. It was really an honour because Pakistan is like my second country. I had born there and stayed there for about more than 6 six years. Even though I was still a little girl back then, I still remember my home, my school, my friends (well, I forgot their name but I remember the moments), my activities and also foods (obligated! haha). So, this invitation made me feel so honoured and blessed. Made me remind my childhood. This invitation was about to respect and to remember the heroes and armies. In history, a country can't be independent if people don't fight for it. Those kind of people are should be honored and remembered. 
My daddy
Favorite Ice Cream - Kulfi. (A frozen dairy dessert from Indian continent) 
If somebody interested, you can find it at Indian or Pakistan restaurants. One of the restaurant I know is Kooh-E-Noor, they do served kulfi ice-cream. And it is near my campus. Shooo excited haha :)

Good day, 
MY Najma

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Tips: Shop Till Drop

Several days ago, when I went to shop in the nearest mall from my home with my 2 siblings. We arrived two hours before the mall closed, so I shopped in hurry, while I left my siblings at the bookstore. I purpose to go to that mall because that mall was including a huge supermarket. I bought what I needed to and buy something interesting at the first sight but still stick on to my 'to buy-list'. After I bought everything (needed stuffs and interesting stuffs), yeah by time the mall is closed, then my siblings and I ran to Starbucks (with our groceries of coud':rse, so much I cant count how many I had used the plastics) to buy some drinks instead of Frappuccino to chill our night but we're late. It's already closed. At home, I shocked when I saw at the groceries in my room, and start thinking what I did, then I saw my bill in my wallet, I couldn't say anything even a word. I already budgetted how much I need and listed what I need but it didn't stick to what I already planned at first.
But here some tips for not being 'over-spend': 
  • Make a list what you want to buy 
    Split between your need and your wish. If you have enough balance then you can buy what your wish.
  • Bring enough cash
    When you use card,you won't even remember how much have you spend. 
  • Determine the things you want to buy
    If you see things that aren't in your "to buy-list", make sure you really need it right now or not. If it's your need then you can buy.
Have fun! 
MY Najma, xoxo

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Goodbye Past, Hello Present and Future.

It have been a long time since I wrote my last post. Many things happen in awhile and I can't think anything to post. And the new year of 2015 is getting closer. Just want to share a lil bit in 2014 about what had happened. I postponed my study and it also makes me postponing my bachelor. People might think that I have fun a lot during the holiday and think that I am too lazy to go to college. But for me, education is a must and important very much to me and I believe to almost people too. But you cannot disregard the environment you are up to and be selfish. Beside education, another important thing is gaining knowledge,  you observe or feel where-ever, who-ever, what-ever and when-ever, and learn from what had happened. It might be a useful gained knowledge and be great lessons in your life. Life is about what you want to be and how you can be what you want to be. There must be risks during the processes but if you are smart enough or brave enough to make decision, make sure it gives knowledge and oppurtunities afterward. 
Here are some quote from my own to live the life. Have a great year 2015 ahead :) 

Regards, MY Najma