Monday, November 04, 2013

Polka in Simple Nude

Shoes : Adorable Projects ID (local brand)

The polka headscarf really suited the simple nude-brown looks. It's like adding a simple pattern to the all over looks. I worn this simple look during last Sunday when there were many wedding invitations, thats why I used pants and give a glammy look from the small bag. 

By the way, it's the first Monday of November, I really wish many things happen and change in this month which means I'm getting older and having another step to be more mature. Learning from the past and believe the future always waiting for us to face it. One thing that I really want to learn is about how to use every of my penny become worth. If anyone have an idea how to solve it please teach me, thankyou. 

Regards, Najma MY

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Digital Arts #1

Finally! I can blogging again at the end of this month. Actually no idea what I want to post, but I remember that I've made some art by using the pic editor on web named Pixlr . I do edit a lot there and here some photos were made by me. I really enjoy to do it if have nothing to do in hurry. So trust me, when you're bored, do something you like and you gonna found your another side.

 Anyway these are another side of me where I love arts very much and also as stuffs which I can express my emotions. 

P.S : For a special event, I had used the last picture as a cover of a pillow gift to my friend that I've posted about him before in this blog.
Regards - xoxo-

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Catwalk: Alice Palmer Spring/Summer 2014 (Ready-To-Wear)

"Life On Mars', the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, shows an exciting new direction for Alice Palmer, introducing a cosmic explosion of colour and pattern into her knitwear. Along with her continued fascination with superheroes, Palmer was also inspired by the costumes of superheroes and villains in DC and Marvel comic books, sourced from Portobello Market in London. 
Using knitted jacquard techniques, these bold, ready-to-wear garments consist mainly of dresses, tops, skirts, tuxedo jackets and floor length jumpsuits. 
Inspired by pop art for the colour palette, the separates come in an array of mainly five-colour patterns, such as deep sea blue, red, hot pink, purple, silver and golds. Statement pieces include a David Bowie inspired psychedelic jumpsuit, and block-coloured metallic leather shorts, available in gold or electric blue. 

Source: Vogue.Uk