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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trip to Tegal - Jawa (Part III) / Guci Hotwater

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My last day trip to Tegal has been spent in Guci Hot Bath. This is the most famous place for tourist to visit and also popular for locals to visit occasionally. We came on weekday, and surprisingly many people were visiting. 
From the way up to the hotwater, you will see a large sign of "Air Panas Guci", yeah it looks like the hollywood sign. One of my friend whom I have visited and a local told sometimes this place also called as Tegallywood which made me laugh.

We used this food & vegetables carriage car to go up because it located in mountain range. 
The view was very beautiful, and I can feel the cold breeze of wind. 
When we arrived, on the path to go to the hotwater, there will be a lot of seller who sale merchandise such as clothes, local handmade crafts and local food. 
The hotwater was parted as two site;
One with open bath, where people take a shower by the river and other one is artificial swimming pool. Well my friend and and I choose swimming pool because we think its a little bit more safety and cleaner. 

And thats all was our trip. We travel back to Jakarta by train and it took around 5-6 hours trip. 
Overall, I was very glad to have such a trip where I can meet a lot of people, know them, communicate with locals and try variety of foods. 

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Trip to Tegal - Jawa (Part II) / Beko Lake

Other place that I visited was Beko Lake, an artificial lake due to limestone mining by the locals located in Margasari Village, Tegal.
Even though this place is not visited by tourist, I do really love to see because og the beauty of nature; rice field, lake and some mountains. 
Beko Lake

Got chance to capture a rainbow 

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