Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Tips: Shop Till Drop

Several days ago, when I went to shop in the nearest mall from my home with my 2 siblings. We arrived two hours before the mall closed, so I shopped in hurry, while I left my siblings at the bookstore. I purpose to go to that mall because that mall was including a huge supermarket. I bought what I needed to and buy something interesting at the first sight but still stick on to my 'to buy-list'. After I bought everything (needed stuffs and interesting stuffs), yeah by time the mall is closed, then my siblings and I ran to Starbucks (with our groceries of coud':rse, so much I cant count how many I had used the plastics) to buy some drinks instead of Frappuccino to chill our night but we're late. It's already closed. At home, I shocked when I saw at the groceries in my room, and start thinking what I did, then I saw my bill in my wallet, I couldn't say anything even a word. I already budgetted how much I need and listed what I need but it didn't stick to what I already planned at first.
But here some tips for not being 'over-spend': 
  • Make a list what you want to buy 
    Split between your need and your wish. If you have enough balance then you can buy what your wish.
  • Bring enough cash
    When you use card,you won't even remember how much have you spend. 
  • Determine the things you want to buy
    If you see things that aren't in your "to buy-list", make sure you really need it right now or not. If it's your need then you can buy.
Have fun! 
MY Najma, xoxo

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