Saturday, January 03, 2015

Goodbye Past, Hello Present and Future.

It have been a long time since I wrote my last post. Many things happen in awhile and I can't think anything to post. And the new year of 2015 is getting closer. Just want to share a lil bit in 2014 about what had happened. I postponed my study and it also makes me postponing my bachelor. People might think that I have fun a lot during the holiday and think that I am too lazy to go to college. But for me, education is a must and important very much to me and I believe to almost people too. But you cannot disregard the environment you are up to and be selfish. Beside education, another important thing is gaining knowledge,  you observe or feel where-ever, who-ever, what-ever and when-ever, and learn from what had happened. It might be a useful gained knowledge and be great lessons in your life. Life is about what you want to be and how you can be what you want to be. There must be risks during the processes but if you are smart enough or brave enough to make decision, make sure it gives knowledge and oppurtunities afterward. 
Here are some quote from my own to live the life. Have a great year 2015 ahead :) 

Regards, MY Najma

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