Monday, February 09, 2015

Invitation: A National Day of Pakistan

Hi lovelies, 
I want to share a late post, I know it's late but it's still nice to share it. Several months ago, I got an invitation from Pakistan Embassy for Indonesia. It was really an honour because Pakistan is like my second country. I had born there and stayed there for about more than 6 six years. Even though I was still a little girl back then, I still remember my home, my school, my friends (well, I forgot their name but I remember the moments), my activities and also foods (obligated! haha). So, this invitation made me feel so honoured and blessed. Made me remind my childhood. This invitation was about to respect and to remember the heroes and armies. In history, a country can't be independent if people don't fight for it. Those kind of people are should be honored and remembered. 
My daddy
Favorite Ice Cream - Kulfi. (A frozen dairy dessert from Indian continent) 
If somebody interested, you can find it at Indian or Pakistan restaurants. One of the restaurant I know is Kooh-E-Noor, they do served kulfi ice-cream. And it is near my campus. Shooo excited haha :)

Good day, 
MY Najma

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