Sunday, May 12, 2013

OOTD : Washed Blue and Purpure

My Outfit Of The Day: Washed Blouse, Blue Pants, Purple Bracelet: a gift from Borneo, Pink Watch, Purple Bangles from Naughty Accessories , Vintage Bag, and Denim Wedges

Hello lovely readers, what will you do when you're spending your time during holiday? Well, I loved to going  out and hunting adoring stuffs with my friends. The last holiday I've spent is when I have done my mid-term examination and I'm totally have no idea about the results.Hmm, better don't think the result while it could exploded this brain (ROL). Just only can try the best, do the best, wish the best and pray the best. Heyhey, I'm taking about my holiday not my examination urgghh..
I was going out with my bestie in several malls in Jakarta and as usual we've found many adoring stuffs. And also we bought a twinny shirt, maybe in my next OOTD I'll post it.. 

Wakai Shoes Store (A shoes store from Japan)
Fashion Store, Miss Stradivarius
Miss Stradivarius
Miss Stradivarius
Greentea Frappuccino and Iced Chocolate from Starbucks
Another story, my friends and I got a FREE Iced Chocolate from the barista. Such a friendly barista but actually it was free because when we've come the store was going to close. :)

Have a blessed time readers!
Kindly, najmamyapono [xoxo]

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