Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April Goes Fast, I Wish May Too..

Hello lovely readers :) 
There are many things happen and changed in April while April goes very fast and now is already May. Just wanna share what were happen to me in April. Well, I've my midtest, but during study I just can renovated my blog, because I have no idea what to rather than studying. Why playing is very fun rather than reading books.. Obviously, what happen in April gave me many lesson of live. Such as how to face anything, how you could see which one is your true friend or else, how people need want to be understand while they don't try to understand others. How you could feel when people ignoring you without telling you what is your fault  or a guy or woman who you loved to but they don't understand how's to corporate with the feeling.. I believe that some of us or maybe whole human in the words have the same experiences. Second by second, minute by minute, time by time, 24 hours we have, and I think some of us are afraid to face the next day. Well, just think that your going to face your day like your going to open a present, when you get a gift, you must be so curious what was inside the gift, isn't it? 

Well maybe this is some of kinda random notes I've, but if you agree you can say that again, but if not hahaa no comment. Still in midtest time but getting rest and I think blogging is an other choice I could choose! So sorry for this randomness notes :) 

#MayWish : Could relieve all these pains and get strengths to face anything. Amen!

kindly : najmamyapono 

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