Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Trip to Tegal - Jawa (Part I)

On evening day, my friend and I was sitting on bench near Epiwalk Riverside. She told me that I had gotten a wedding invitation's on our senior in college. The wedding would be held in Tegal, a large city in the northwest part of Central Java Province of Indonesia. So, I was agree to attend and get a trip to Tegal which at a time, my friend home is also located in Tegal. 

We started the trip by train from Gambir Station and ended in Tegal Station. This beginning part took about less than five hours. This was also my first travelling accross province by train. Yes, am excited indeed! 

And now, I'll be sharing photos from my trip to Tegal. 
Welcome! and Enjoy! :) 

Tegal Station's signpost
Tegal Station's building from front gate
One of station where we stopped
Great Mosque of Tegal 
Statue of Garuda
Taman Poci 
Taman Poci is a garden to complement public space in Tegal. You can walk to get here since this garden is near to the Tegal Station. 

Statue of  Poci (a pitcher made from clay)


(to be continued ... ) 

Thanks for reading 

Najma Yapono

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