Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It just a story ..

Hi everyone, actually i've made many posts to publish but since i've lost my netbook so i cant publish them :( anyway this second semester i dunno why but i feel like i have something that truly push me to make my life goes on no matter what happen, but i cant determine who or which have done it for me. But truly i dont know it..  
One story that keeps me walks on with this life was learning about LOVE. Since 've broke up with my ex-boyfriend, i learn that dont think about people who dont love you, dont think about people who hate you, dont think about people who dont think about you, dont think about people who keep cursing you etc, just ignore them! Remember you still have a family who loves you no matter who you are, remember all people who still be with you no matter what in condition you are. you just need to spread you love and happiness since you wake up from you sleep every day. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO IT WITH LOVE!! maybe these  all a little bit didnt related with my second line but slowly the next moment i learn about these all :) 

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