Saturday, December 29, 2012


Alohaaa everybody, its been rarely i updated my blog, but for the resolution on 2013 i may update as many as i can :) i might be change the wallpaper, whole of the blog n make it fresh to see and look for many funny and adoring stuff later :) i made this resolution so i could see that do i could develop my skill? am i being mature enough? do i consistent on my words? do i could make a change? and also bought a planner to help me complete my "mission" :)

 another story : there's funny pics when i bought my planner with my my friend

hahha lol i post this because i love those lovely funny pic and the best photoshoot ever *by my opinion*
thankyouuu for see it:)
ouch, i forgot something, let me introduce other person in this post. His is my friend and his name is Hara Prakasa. We are in one college now and he teach me a lot :) 

Love you all xoxo

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